Solid Fuel Camping Stoves

In terms of appliances ideal for outdoor heating in hard to reach areas, first on the list are solid fuel stoves. Camping models are specifically designed for convenience when camping or partaking in outdoor activities as they as they are much more compact and lightweight than traditional solid fuel stoves.

Solid Fuel Tablets

However, solid fuel camping stoves are still efficient in providing heat to boil water for hot drinks or cook food after a long day outdoors: they don’t use liquid fuel, which is usually commonplace for heating purposes, but solid fuel tablets.

Solid blocks of fuel are well suited for these types of heaters as there is no risk of any gas or oil spillage and they are very simple for generating heat.

How Do Solid Fuel Camping Stoves Work?

The stoves work by burning slabs or pellets of various fuel mixtures containing high heat substances such as sugar or paraffin wax. Some fuel is supplied in larger blocks, though camping stoves utilising pellets may be easier to manage.

Tablets are simply ignited with a match and burn without odour, and can be used straight away with all different sorts of cooking equipment.

The solid fuel camp stove mainly uses hexamine fuel tablets; ultra lightweight fuel blocks that maintain high energy density levels and have an almost infinite shelf life. However, they can be sensitive to wind so simple windscreens may be beneficial when using a solid fuel stove. Camping is a popular option for this type of fuel as hexamine tablets burn smokeless and leave no ashes.

Solid Fuel Camping Stove Features

There is often a handy rest incorporated onto the solid fuel camping stove in which to place the fuel, and additional legs can provide great support for the pot to rest so it keeps out of contact with the ground. The stove can be put in different positions to place different sized pans, and is generally made of either plated steel or titanium to hold sturdy pots.

Hobo Stoves

In addition to using well known stoves, such as the Esbit solid fuel camping stove, they can also be made manually. These DIY stoves are known as hobo stoves. A hobo stove is usually constructed out of discarded tin cans by removing their tops and punching a number of holes at the bottom of the can. Solid fuel tablets are then placed inside the cans and ignited; a cheap but effective way of producing heat.

Benefits of Solid Fuel Camping Stoves

Solid fuel camping stoves are not just cost effective, but extremely safe appliances as there is no spillage risk and the stove is close to the ground, so is stable without the chance of any fire igniting.

They can be transported from place to place simply in a bag, and some models are light and compact enough to be carried around in the coat or trouser pocket.

There also is no risk of power failures with these stoves as no electricity or central heating systems are needed, which are often unreliable.

Solid fuel camp stoves are not just perfect heating options for camping, but can also be used for other outdoor leisure activities such as fishing and hiking, and even for outdoor catering businesses.