Wood Burning Stoves

A wood burning stove is a type of heating appliance. Wood burning stoves operate by burning wood or wood-derived biomass fuel in an enclosed metal chamber. As burning wood produces smoke and other gases as a result of the combustion occurring within the chamber, a wood burning stove must be connected to a chimney or flue in order for the unwanted gas by-products to be safely transferred outside the building in which the stove is located. Failure to do this would result in serious hazards to one’s health. The enclosed wood burner was first introduced in the 18th Century, and although the design has remained similar up to the modern period, there are now a number of types and variations of a wood burning stove available which allow the user to enjoy a traditional and familiar form of heating. Both domestic and business users can benefit from the atmosphere and ambience that the presence of a wood burning stove can generate.

Inset Wood Burners

The two primary categories of wood burners are inset and free-standing. Choosing the right type of wood burning stove will largely depend on the specifications of the location in which it is to be fitted. Houses and other buildings that already have their own fireplace and flue installed are the ideal match for an inset wood burner, which can be easily connected to the existing system.

Free Standing Wood Burners

For houses that do not have their own fireplace, it will be necessary to use a free-standing wood burner. A free-standing wood stove will come fitted with its own ventilation system, negating the need for a pre-existing chimney.

Designer Wood Burning Stoves

Within each of these categories of log burner there are a number of options available to suit the individual tastes of the buyer. Wood stoves are available in a wide variety of designs, from the traditional to the modern, allowing the buyer to match the design of the stove to the aesthetics of their property. Designer wood stoves are available for those wishing to spend more, and are available in a range of custom fit and finishes. Inset stoves are available in different sizes and shapes to ensure that they can be matched up to almost any pre-existing fireplace.

Wood Burning Stove Fuel

Optional features on modern wood burners include automatic ignition and built-in thermostats. Different wood burners may also be fuelled with different materials. Both hardwood and softwood can be employed in log burners, with hardwoods generally being preferred as they burn at a slower rate. Some modern wood burners are equipped for use with wood pellets, which are made from sawdust and wood shavings. These wood pellets are electronically fed into the chamber in the stove, and are thus a more easily controlled fuel source than traditional kiln dried logs. Users in both a domestic and business setting who want a more hands-off approach are recommended to use wood pellets as opposed to firewood.

Second Hand Wood Burning Stoves

Second hand wood burning stoves are readily available, and may be an appealing prospect for those in the market for a wood burner, as brand new models can cost thousands of pounds, whereas used wood stoves can be easily obtained for a fraction of this price.