Space Heaters

A space heater is a type of heating appliance that is used for heating specific areas of a building or outdoor space. Unlike a central heating system, which would generally be deployed throughout a building and heat all of it evenly, a space heater heats only the area in which it is positioned. Space heaters are available in a wide range of sizes depending on the size of the area which they are intended to heat: small space heaters are available for home use and large space heaters are available for industrial purposes.

Electric Space Heaters

As well as coming in a range of sizes, space heaters are also available for use with different fuel sources. Electric space heaters are one of the most popular varieties available, and these operate through the conversion of electrical energy into heat by passing an electrical current through a resistor. An electric space heater will generally either operate as a radiant heater, or as a convection heater. The difference between these two types of space heater is that radiant heaters focus on heating the area immediately around the space heater, whereas convection heaters circulate heated air around the room using a fan system. Of the two types of electric space heaters, radiant heaters are more cost-effective to run but convection heaters provide heat over a larger area, so the choice of which to use is dependent on the needs of the potential buyer. Electric space heaters are suitable for home use, as unlike space heaters that require significant amounts of ventilation due to the by-products they produce, they are safe for use in enclosed spaces.

Gas Space Heaters

Along with electric space heaters, gas space heaters are another common variation of space heater. Gas space heaters, which are often fuelled by propane gas (leading to some people referring to all gas space heaters as propane space heaters) differ in design from their electric counterparts, typically comprising an entirely stainless steel construction. The average gas space heater usually takes the form of a cylindrical burner that is laid horizontally across a base unit, which will generally be mounted on wheels for ease of movement. This type of space heater is much larger than those designed for use in the home, and is more commonly seen in industrial applications. Although many propane space heaters can operate without a supply of electricity, some do require the use of a portable generator or other power source as they need power to operate the various safety mechanisms they possess.

Diesel Space Heater

Paraffin space heaters and diesel space heaters work in much the same way, and are popular in outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces. Paraffin space heaters and diesel space heaters, like those fuelled by propane, are available with a variety of design options. Different capacity fuel tanks are available, depending on the desired output of the heater, and many models are now available with adjustable thermostats to accurately monitor the heat output. Some older models can be retrofitted with an external thermostat if so desired.

Industrial Space Heaters

Industrial space heaters are a sensible choice for business owners and owners of large spaces that need heating cheaply and easily. Warehouses that lack other effective methods of heat are one of the most obvious applications for this kind of heater.