Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are a low costing, versatile alternative to all other types of heater. Very small and designed in the shape of a tube, tubular heaters are ideal for safe, low-wattage background heating, not solely for the purpose of heating a room, but also for frost protection and preventing condensation. Intended to supplement existing heating systems, these heaters still radiate a powerful amount of heat in small areas that can be maintained for long periods of time.

Tubular heaters work by producing a warm sheet of air that rises upwards and heats everything above it, which is the reason for why they must be used horizontally.

Generally, they operate by electricity with an electric plug, and are supplied with mounting brackets and anchorage so they can be placed anywhere, as wall tubular heaters or floor tubular heaters.

Tubular Heater Guards

Safety guards for heat protection are another prominent aspect of these heaters. Tubular heater guards act as shields against the potentially harmful heat radiating from the surface of the heaters, which are a necessity for the protection of children or animals if they have access to where the heaters are located. They are constructed for durability, and are made of robust and strong steel in order to last a long time.

Tubular Heaters With Thermostat

Tubular heaters with thermostats are commonly used because of their practical functions. The thermostat comes as a separate appliance, which the tubular heater is then plugged into, and detects the air temperature around the unit, switching the heater on or off depending on its temperature. Tubular heater thermostats hand control of the heat over to the owner, who can then regulate the temperate as well as being able to control numerous heaters with just the one thermostat.

Tubular Greenhouse Heaters

With their low profile and ease of use, tubular heaters are ideal for any type of greenhouse. Tubular greenhouse heaters are still effective appliances for frost protection, given the flexibility of these heaters, but with additional hose and sprinkle resisters.

The only really visible variation of these heaters compared to standard tubular heaters is their colours, but otherwise they are as effective and economical as them. They can be very discreet as they come coated in either a green or white finish, suitable for all colours of greenhouse.Standard tubular heaters are generally made of either aluminium or steel, and they vary further depending on their coloured finish, which is normally in a parchment or white hue.

Using tubular heaters instead of other alternatives ensures less heat is wasted, as less heat is pushed down when they are functioning, all because of the horizontal design. This type of heater is also more economical as it produces warm air but at a steadier pace, yet is still constant which doesn’t weaken the purpose of the heater. Tubular heaters are ideal for a vast range of applications such as cupboards and wardrobes to keep moisture away from products, or larger areas including animal enclosures. Not just for domestic usage, tubular heaters can also be beneficial in business, particularly for retail window displays.