Wall Heaters

The modern wall heater is designed to take up a minimal amount of space due to its compact size and ability to be placed in countless locations. These heaters are otherwise known as slimline wall heaters because of their flat surface and small depth, which do not reduce their capabilities of providing high heat outputs.

As their name suggests, wall mounted heaters are fixed to the wall for a more permanent heating solution to either supplement, or even replace, existing central heating systems. Most come with mounting brackets so they are relatively easy to install, though they may need extra fittings depending on the source of heat used.

Electric Wall Heaters

Electric wall heaters are by far the most popular type of wall mounted heater. They operate by simply plugging in to an electrical socket, and have various heat settings. The wall mounted electric heater offers fundamental safety features such as electronic heating protection, which will prevent the appliance from overheating.

Gas Wall Heaters

Gas wall heaters often use either natural gas or propane gas, and are quick at producing efficient heat using piezo ignition, which automatically ignites the gas when a button is pressed. Like the electric wall heater, the gas wall heater is also very safe as the gas is burned within a sealed cast iron unit and vented outside, with no risk of fire or harmful fumes.

Wall Mounted Convector Heaters

Whatever the heat source is used, the majority of wall heaters work by convection. Wall mounted convector heaters heat the air next to the appliance after air convection currents flow out of the heater, which causes the warm air to expand and rise. These heaters are also quieter than fan heaters because of their natural ventilation.

Wall Mounted Fan Heaters

Although they may well produce more noise, wall mounted fan heaters are more compact than other types of wall heater, so can be placed in even the most confined spaces. They work by blasting warm air out to instantly heat a whole room, and some wall mounted fan heater models are even available with adjustable heating angles for more direct heating.

Wall Mounted Panel HeatersĀ 

Designed to occupying minimal amount spaces like no other heating units can are panel heaters. Wall mounted models are more versatile as they can be fixed anywhere, even on dwarf walls.

Wall mounted heaters are of new, modern designs; one of the main advantages for more contemporary homes and businesses. Most come in a white finish in order to blend in with the surroundings, and their compact features help to maintain their low profile.

Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

Wall heaters are suitable for rooms that are sometimes free from central heating at home or in business locations, such as bathrooms, and even outdoor environments. Wall mounted patio heaters provide heat to large outdoor areas using their infrared lamps to radiate heat at comforting temperatures.

Bathroom Wall Heater

Proving heat for both small and commercial sized bathrooms are bathroom heaters. Wall mounted ones are usually fan assisted using electricity, though are designed to be splash proof to ensure safety. A bathroom wall heater could also be used for utility rooms, conservatories, and even holiday homes.